Oakleaf Materials Management offers a broad range of supply chain management services

Here at Oakleaf Materials Management, we recognize not all companies have the time or the resources to adequately manage their day-to-day supply chain management (SCM) activities. Ignoring this seemingly simple business process, however, can prove costly. 

Whether your company needs complete SCM oversight or just some friendly guidance, Oakleaf MM can help develop and implement initiatives to streamline inventory management, identify strategic sources, forecast demand, and enhance application of internal materials.  We’ll also integrate lean manufacturing approaches to increase operational efficiency. 

When partnering with Oakleaf MM, your organization benefits from a quarter century of SCM expertise coupled with a global network of suppliers and services ready to meet your operational needs.

Our approach is simple:  Take care of the customer.  Operate safely and efficiently.  Never compromise integrity.  Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to Oakleaf Materials Management.  If we can be your supply chain management solution, we’d love to help.

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